PRConnect is a dynamic company created and managed by people with many years of experience in the media market.


Helping clients achieve communication goals, reach large number of media points, improve their visibility, raise recognition and brand awareness.


Dedicated to strengthening strategic media communications for our clients by becoming the prime information distribution network on the Polish market with close links to international markets and distribution networks.

Committed to support companies and agencies in communicating with their target groups: journalists in digital, print and broadcast newsrooms, individual reporters and editors, social media,  industry portals,  news syndicators, bloggers, consumers’ networks and more.

We help clients engage with the right subjects at the right time.


In today’s content saturated market, journalists and editors need to do more with less. Providing all the elements of a story (text, photos, audio, videos) you make it easier for them to craft original, insightful and visually appealing articles and features for their audiences.

Our strategy is building a wide range of communication tools such as:

  • online news distribution platform able to deliver information from clients to wide range of media and other target groups in Poland and international markets,
  • measuring tools like online reports about number of receivers, email openers and clickers thus letting clients know who reads their news that help evaluate the effectiveness of a communication campaign
  • build a collaborative network that gives companies and organizations streamlined access to delivering effective communications campaign and journalists and Social media creators access to compelling news.
  • help PR staff by converting news releases into an attractive online story
  • organize media campaigns like conferences, media coverage on demand, social media campaigns and promotion